Hyperlixir is an independent, enthusiasm-driven game developer & publisher from Singapore that's all about making theme-focused games.

For the past 3 years, Hyperlixir's projects have been 100% audience-empowered via crowdfunding. With frequent communication with fellow table top gamers, and the community of creators who thrive on Kickstarter, Hyperlixir aims to create enjoyable games that are the perfect blend of theme, mechanics and elegance.


Hello, I'm David Goh, the creator of Hyperlixir. Hyperlixir is an outlet for the ideas and wishful dreams born of the many games and stories I've lost myself in.

I was born in Singapore (1988) and I'm currently living & working here. My passion for games stems from the belief that they're the new frontier to storytelling and fulfilling fantasy. As a multi-disciplinary designer, I also dabble in other things such as illustration, design and stock art. Check them out below!






We're supported by The Fandom Menace, a collective of artists & enthusiasts that assists local Singaporean talents in their development & production.

In addition to games like Endogenesis & Mercurial, TFM has also organised events like Live to Rise, an annual concert featuring Singaporean bands in support of suicide awareness and prevention.